Learning Together For The Future


The Ecclesbourne Curriculum

Our mission statement is “Learning Together For The Future.” We work very hard to ensure that all members of our school community acquire the knowledge and skills required for now and for a fulfilling future. Our curriculum is designed to help students to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities, to feel valued and value others and to appreciate the world at large.

We believe that all our students have talents and abilities that it is our responsibility to discover and develop. We know that when we have the highest expectations of what young people can achieve they rarely fail to thrive. And so our curriculum is designed on the basis that intelligence is a muscle, not a fixed quantity. We are concerned to ensure every student in our care is challenged to believe in their ability to achieve their best by trying their hardest.

Our curriculum is rooted in these aims and is designed to ensure students are engaged and challenged to achieve the best that they can. We believe profoundly that students thrive best in a nurturing, well-ordered environment where they develop the self-confidence to take risks and push themselves.

What follows in the Key Stage 3, 4 and Sixth Form Sections is an introduction to the Ecclesbourne Curriculum. It should be noted that we are very proud of the exceptionally high standards of success achieved by our students and of the strong academic core to our curriculum. It is also important to note that we place a very strong emphasis on the development of character and values and a great deal of this is achieved through our enrichment and extra-curricular provision from Year 7 to 13. As you read on please do keep your eyes open for the wealth of opportunities available outside the classroom.